Our dog is getting older.  She turned 12 this year – definitely old lady status in dog years.  This past year she has decided that all the rules and training we’ve previously had for her are out the window and she can do whatever she wants now.  Such as sleeping on the couch, circling the table while we eat, and begging for people food.  The begging for people food is by far the worst habit she’s decided to pursue. What’s worse is she knows who to come to – me.  She talks to me as Boxers do and begs for me to add some drippings or broth from our dinner to her bowl to make her apparently unappetizing dry food more nummy.  She’s relentless.  She has more stamina and stubbornness than a 2 year-old wanting a cookie.  Yes, I’ve caved…more than once.  She doesn’t have that many years left.  I can’t help it.

My husband called me the other night (I was out with the kids) and he was making some food.  Lily started begging for some of the food he was cooking and he told her no.  He poured some dry dog food in her bowl and went back to cooking.  Lily begged again and Les told her no again.  Then Lily went over to her bowl, picked up a single piece of dog food, walked over to Les and looked at him, and finally walked over to the trash can and spit the dog food into it.  Wow.