While we were visiting my grandpa at his house, my aunt pulled out an old suitcase from the back of a closet.  My aunt might as well have been the Pied Piper with a flute with the way all the girls in the house reacted to seeing the unknown suitcase in her hands.  Instantaneously, we gathered around her to find out what was in it.

The suitcase was opened.  Gasps.  Oooohs.  Awwwws. Uncontained excitement.

It was a treasure chest left to all of us from my grandma.  There were oodles of photos, old newspaper clippings, wedding invitations, my grandmother’s childhood report cards, and her war ration books.

We spent close to 4 hours at the kitchen table going through each article in the suitcase.  One item out of that suitcase was the highlight of the entire evening for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED everything in there…especially the photos but this one item had a special place in my heart.  My grandma had typed out about a week’s worth of antics from my dad, uncle, and aunt.  It was a series of blog posts typed on a typewriter –  1956 style.  Not only did I find it as another connection to her but it also made me realize that my children are…normal children.  My stories are not exactly the same as hers but my children did stuff on the same level as my dad, aunt, and uncle.

Keep in mind that my dad was 3, my uncle was 2, and my aunt was 1 when these were written.

Thursday, February 2, 1956

Boys emptied salt shaker and sugar bowl on the table and filled both with milk after eating their breakfast.

During “nap” time Billy sneaked into Teddy’s room and they scribbled on two walls with black crayon.  As punishment they were both to sit on the sofa, Teddy wet on it to spite me.

Just before bedtime boys poured half a bottle of skin freshener into bathroom sink.

Friday, February 3, 1956

Boys spilled remainder of cocoa on table and floor in kitchen this morning.

At lunch time Teddy dumped a bowl of cottage cheese on the kitchen floor then picked up some and put it in Connie’s hair.

While playing in the basement this afternoon, boys put sawdust into a pail of water and “swept” basement floor.  They both got their slippers soaked.

Teddy plugged the toilet with celery.

Had to use tweezers to clean Teddy’s nose.  He stuffed chewed-up paper up his nose, last time it was cotton.

Saturday, February 4, 1956

Uneventful day.  Teddy poured olive oil into butter dish.

Sunday, February 5, 1956

Boys were pretty good today.  I broke one of my favorite wall plaques while dusting it.

Monday, February 6, 1956

Connie ate part of cake I had cooling on the kitchen table.

Teddy wrote on his bedroom wall with pencil.  Boys took cases off their pillows and stuffed them (the cases) into the toilet.

Tuesday, February 7, 1956

Boys tore used tea bags apart and sprinkled tea leaves on Connie’s chair.  Teddy stuffed a piece of foam rubber up his nose. Had to use the tweezers on him again.

Wednesday, February 8, 1956

Boys poured half a box of salt on kitchen floor.  They also got into chocolate fudge sauce in refrigerator and smeared it all over the refrigerator, inside and out.

Teddy scribbled on the clothes hamper with crayon and both boys smeared lipstick on their faces.

Thursday, February 9, 1956

Teddy sprinkled sugar on kitchen table this morning.  Connie smeared butter all over her doll.

Teddy climbed on top of Connie’s dresser and broke two legs off of it.

Billy put mayonnaise in Teddy’s hair.  Teddy hit Bill and cut his mouth.

Boys smeared butter on kitchen wall and somehow or other a big glob of it managed to get on the ceiling.

Friday, February 10, 1956

Teddy broke a saucer today.  He got mad at Billy and threw the saucer at him.

Saturday, February 11, 1956

Teddy made a paste of cocoa and water and smeared it all over himself and the kitchen floor.

Billy smeared mustard all over Teddy, the kitchen table, and a chair.

Sunday, February 12, 1956

Teddy tripped while running and cut his lip.

Monday, February 13, 1956

Boys took a bath this morning, with their pajamas on and all my spools of thread with them.

Boys spilled half a box of cereal on their bedroom floor and filled the toilet with Borax powder.

Teddy smeared lipstick on his face and boys took all the clothes out of their dresser drawers.