*This is a dinner conversation at our table the other night amongst all four of my children.

Chris, “I liked seeing Aunt Melissa’s karate stuff.”

Zach, “She’s a black belt and teaches other kids.  I bet she could teach us too.”

Niki, “Of course she can, she’s a teacher and she’s a ninja.  She’s our Aunt Ninja.”

Chris with a look of extreme doubt on his face, “She’s NOT a ninja.  She knows karate.”

Niki, “I’m pretty sure she’s a ninja.  At night when everyone is asleep, she puts on her ninja clothes and goes out and saves the city.”

Zach, Chris, and Justin in shock, “Seriously!?”

Niki, “Yep.  She let you see her super secret ninja costume and super secret crime fighting ninja tools so now you can’t blow her cover or she’ll have to give up her night job and just teach 3rd graders during the day.”

Boys, “She’s not a ninja.”

Niki, “Why do you think she sometimes takes a nap on the couch when she gets home from school?  Because…she’s about to go out and fight crime.  She needs a power nap.”

Boys,  “WOW…we have an Aunt Ninja.”