It’s been one of those days.  The kind of day you’re left feeling nothing short of mentally drained.  I feel like I’ve hit nothing but brick walls all…day…long and it makes me question whether putting forth effort is really worth it.  Does it make a difference?  To anyone? Anywhere?

But it all turned around with a single comment from my youngest child.  Ever so sweetly and sincerely he told me, “Mom, you get extra points.  You made the best pizza ever!”

It’s amazing how a few kind words can completely make your day – or even impact your entire life.  Equally amazing is how a few unkind words can send you into a slump.  How many times have I uplifted someone with a thoughtful comment?  How many times have I crushed someone with a criticism?  I pray I’ve uplifted those around me far more often than I’ve hurt them.  Please forgive me.