There are many forgotten skills that we hope to revive in our family – one of them being how to can food.  This was such an exciting endeavor for us.  I researched the supplies we’d need, the process we’d undertake, and the list of recipes we’d all choose from for our first canning adventure.

All six of us loaded into the van early on Saturday morning to journey over to the local farmer’s market to see what was available.  I pulled out my list of recipes I wanted to try as we were driving – eight recipes in all – and asked everyone which they wanted to try the most today.  We cut the list in half and went shopping to find our ingredients.

This was our first time going to a farmer’s market.  It wasn’t for a lack of desire…and I’m really not sure what excuse I have to offer for not going before now but all of us were giddy with excitement as we strolled along the closed down street and browsed at each of the vendors’ booths.  Free range eggs, grass-fed meat, smoked and cured sausages, autumn vegetables and fruits all lined the street.  Unfortunately, many of the foods I wanted most were out of season – corn being the main one.  We did, however, leave with a large pumpkin (which we hope to roast the seeds and make fresh pumpkin pie later), some cucumbers, and a few peppers.

Shopping at the farmer’s market may not have been as successful as we hoped but that was my fault for getting the canning bug so late in the season. We headed off to the store next to get the rest of what we needed – pears, tomatoes, garlic, etc.

As crazy as it was at times, I loved that we all helped out with prepping and canning the food.  I’m so glad Les was able to be with us for this – he was such an invaluable help!  Normally, I like to have the kitchen to myself while I cook but with canning, help was definitely appreciated!

We made garlic pasta sauce, pickled cucumbers, very berry jam, and mulled pears.  Yummy!