It has begun.  She has waited a little over two months for yesterday.  The anticipation has been building as Niki waited to find out which row she would be assigned.  You see…in her apparel design class the students are all longing – and hoping – to be assigned to the back row. I quickly learned the back row in this class is the equivalent of the first chair in orchestra.

I eagerly awaited the news from Niki on her arrival home from class yesterday. “So?!  Where were you assigned?”

As much as she tried to control it, a grin began to uncontrollably take over her forced emotionless expression.  “I got it.  I got the back row!”

Words came spilling out, as they often do when she’s excited, and I sat back comfortably in my chair to hear the rest of the details.

“Only five girls were assigned to the back row and there were ten seats available.  Absolutely no one in the other session got the back row so we get to have the sewing machine all to ourselves and no one is going to change our settings after we go home.”

The back row of sewing machines are prized because they are different from the rows in front of them. These machines are industrial sewing machines and harder to manipulate.  The students who were assigned these machines had to prove they were capable of handling them.  The class got to dive into sewing and get the feel for their sewing machine.  Niki is quite comfortable with hers except for one aspect of it which she says she’ll get used to with a little bit of practice.  “It only has one speed – fast.”