After church on Sunday a friend of mine gave each of my boys and two of my nieces a dollar bill.   On our way home, my 5 y.o. niece proposed a bright idea to her cousins and younger sister, “I have bubble gum Friday at my school.  It costs $1 for 5 pieces of gum.  If we all put our money together then we’ll have $5 and can get 25 pieces of gum.  We can each have 5 pieces!  Your family gets 15 pieces and my family gets 10 pieces.”

I’m pretty sure if there was a camera pointed at me while I was driving you would have seen my mouth dropped open while I was listening to Cady popping these figures out.  We all know she’s a genius but the whole conversation was still incredibly impressive coming from a Kindergartner.

Then Justin tells her, “I want 6 pieces of gum so I’m not giving you my money.”

Without hesitation Cady tells him, “If we ask one of our moms for one more dollar then we can all get 6 pieces of gum.”

Oh yes, I gave her the extra dollar out of pure awe.  The kids are now waiting anxiously for Friday when Cady comes over to grandma’s with their gum.