We came home to find a deer had feasted in our garden.  At first we thought it was a rabbit, then it became very apparent that the animal was much, MUCH bigger.




If the footprints weren’t enough to tell us it was a large animal – then the animal’s reach to the top of my peas did.

But…we do know the deer’s favorite food out of our garden.  The strawberries.  Not only did it eat all of the juicy little, pink strawberries – it ate most all of the leaves.  Many of the plants were tugged on hard enough that they were pulled out by the roots.  I’m assuming this means no strawberries this year then. Is there any hope for the fall?

Les and the kids were especially upset about the garden.  Afterall, they had put a lot of work into it too. I’m hoping that having our dog back will deter the deer from eating from our garden.  We’ve lived in this house for years and I’ve never had a problem with anything eating my garden before now.  I’ve only seen a deer running through our yard once in this whole time.  Do deer stay away from yards where dogs are marking their territory or am I doomed to share my harvest with the wildlife now?

Much like the clean up after a big storm, the kids and I set out to de-weed the garden this morning followed by unloading the vans.  It’s good to be home.

This was a clump of weeds they pulled from my yard.  They were proud weeders.

I allowed them to have one pot for the tree seedlings they pull up when they are weeding.  Afterall, “trees are not weeds mom.”