I have to say garlic is the easiest plant to grow…EVER.  That is – once you stop trying to baby it.  I tried growing garlic several years ago. I’m pretty sure I over watered it.  I got nothing.  First, I found out I could not plant it in the spring and expect it to be ready in the summer.  It doesn’t work that way.  You plant it in the fall (in our case, we planted it in November) and then harvest it in late spring to early summer.


Our garlic in March.  We literally planted it and neglected it.

I have to give credit where credit is due.  Les planted all the garlic.  I intended to do it myself but my time here was up before I needed to return to Oklahoma.  I had three store bought organic bulbs of garlic and stepped Les through the directions I read in my gardening book.  And then…we had a garlic harvest!

Curious eyes seem to appear when I’m working in the garden.  The only thing that was ready right now in the garden was the garlic.  I had only pulled a few bulbs before Niki came out to see what I was doing.  She quickly volunteered to help me and before I knew it we had pulled the whole bed.

We rinsed off the garlic and laid it out to dry.  I decided to pop out two of the screens from my windows instead of buying a drying rack.  Worked perfectly.

Garlic drying on one of my window screens

Where there’s water…there boys will be.  And…where sister and brothers are together with a waterhose, there a water fight will begin.