There are stories one collects as a child that you think back on when you’re an adult.  I have no doubt that our epic Lego sort today made that list for my boys.

This all started with my desire to work on unpacking stuff from Oklahoma and getting the boys rooms back to “normal”.  Then I got a big idea (ode to my cousin, Becky, who used to say “big idea” when she was 4 and it has stuck with me ever since) – which is always dangerous with me.  I had Chris empty out his toy bin and push it into Zach’s room.  I had Zach empty out his toy bin.  Then I labeled all the buckets and pulled the huge tub of Legos over to the toy bins.  It’s sorting time.  My initial goal was to get the Legos sorted so it was easier for the boys to find pieces.  Thus, hopefully limiting their desire to dump out the entire bin when they want to play Legos each time.  It turned into sooooo much more.

I’m telling you, this dude is worth it!

It turned into one of those teachable moments that I adore so much!  I sat on the floor with all three of my boys for five and half hours straight.  (Quick drink and potty breaks are included.)  We sorted by colors.  We sorted by size.  We sorted by function.  I started to realize the magnitude of the job we had undertaken and battled in my mind why I should give up and why I should press on.  We learned teamwork.  We learned endurance.  We learned oh so well the limits of each of our patience levels (especially my own)!

God gives us opportunities to learn patience.  This was one of mine today.  The child who insisted he could sort upside-down.

We learned why we shouldn’t stick together flat pieces with other flat pieces.  I learned that the Lego head sorter I bought for one of the kid’s birthdays a while back was sooo worth the money!  Most of all…I’m hoping my boys learned to keep their Legos sorted and picked up because the memory of having to do this again will linger in their mind.

I have absolutely no doubt that this epic Lego sort occurred because I sat down with my boys and did it with them.  It would NEVER have happened it I just told them to sort on their own.  Do I really care if these Legos are sorted?  No.  Do I want my boys to learn to have patience and endurance when work gets tough.  Absolutely.  What better way to teach them this lesson than with something as simple as sorting toys?  I’m hoping this impacted them positively in some way for the future.  Hoping.

And tomorrow…they get to help me with my chores since I helped them with theirs.  😉  Teamwork all the way.