Our chicks arrived today!  It was all I could do to get one picture of the box of chicks before my kids threatened civil war if I didn’t open it!

My camera didn’t even have a chance to adjust to the humidity thus my lens fogged up

Although we had ordered 12 of them, 14 arrived.  I don’t know if that’s a standard for expected deaths in transport or if the chicks kept moving and they had a hard time counting them.  Either way – they all survived and we have extra.  We had predetermined that everyone in the family would get to name two chickens.  In light of the two new members of the brood, we decided Zach N. would get to name the other two.  (He was thrilled when I share this news with him when he came over to meet them this afternoon.)

We are concerned about one little gal in particular.  The kids named her Nubs because the other chicks have pecked her wings to the point they are not as full as the rest of chicks.  (Thus nubbly wings)

Nubs (Nubs is one of my Zach’s birds)

The kids also named one other chick, Three, because she looks like she has a 3 on the top of her head.

Three (One of Chris’ birds)

My kids were so cute.  As soon as we got all the chicks into their temporary brooding home, they asked that we say a prayer in thanksgiving that all of the chicks survived the trip to our home.

I’d have to say that Niki and Zach are my “mama hens”.  Chris and Justin love the birds too but Niki and Zach are genuinely nurturing and concerned about the chicks.  Zach N. enjoyed the chicks too.

I’m hoping they all survive the night.  I feel like tonight is the crucial point.  (This may be my naive opinion but there it is none the less.)

Some of the chicks as they wait for their photo shoot

Meet our (hopefully all) girls: