Niki and I are cleaning out the chicks’ bucket every other day per instructions we’ve read in books.  Today was clean out their home day.  We usually transfer the chicks to a separate Rubbermaid tub while we clean out the trough. We quickly learned that we need to bring them outside more often though.  They were flipping out in their bucket out in the sun.  Usually, we just leave them in the garage while we wash out the big tub in the driveway.

After cleaning out their home, we thought we’d give them a big treat and bring them out into the grass for the first time.  Wow.  Freak out city.  They stood frozen in place with some blades of grass coming up to their necks and were visibly shaking.  After about a good solid 5 minutes, one of the yellow chicks decided to be brave and start foraging.  She went after several bugs.  One other brown chick joined her. The others stayed huddled the entire time for safety.

The chicks are in the little bucket Niki is carrying.  Their home is the big bucket.