Last week was all about catching up…on EVERYTHING.  Am I all caught up?  Um, I wish….but…we’ve made progress.  Let’s put this into perspective.  I don’t like making lists.  I actually abhor them.  I used to fight with my mom about the need to make lists when I was a teenager.  Seriously.  Soooo…I broke down and made a list.  Three full pages.  I have it half crossed off.  That’s the level of things I need to accomplish.

Do I really have time to write a blog post?  Shhhhhh….everyone needs a break sometime.

The chicks are currently being kept in our garage.  The kids have brought our little, blue toddler chairs down to the garage and have them pulled up to the side of the chicken tub.  Often you can find at least one of us intently watching the chicks in the evening when the house begins to calm down.  The other night, I found Les sitting in the little toddler chair mesmerized by the chicks.

I walked through the doorway and caught him off guard as I whispered, “I think someone is growing attached to the chicks.”

He denies it instantaneously.  He retorts, “It’s nothing more than a simple fascination as if I was watching Animal Planet.”

“You don’t watch Animal Planet.  You like them.  Admit it.”  He didn’t – except for a tiny smirk and a twinkle in his eyes.  Les has long said he doesn’t like pets.  It took some convincing to have a dog.  If you ask him now if he likes pets, he’ll still say, “No.  I like Lily.”  (Our dog)  I think in a few months the chickens will be added to his likes along with our dog.  My prediction.

Last week, all four of the kids helped dad start the chicken coop.  (Some children more than others but that’s probably for the best.)

We decided to go with a shed that we are going to modify.  The primary reasons are time and cost.  Believe it or not – we priced it out and the shed was cheaper than buying and building it from scratch.

All the boys went to the store to get concrete with dad.  When they got home, Chris came running inside and told me, “Dad drove the van through the backyard!!!” 

Well…this is how we clean cement off of my son’s shoes after he couldn’t keep away from the wheelbarrow while dad was mixing.

The main portion is built!  We’ll be tweaking it and adding a run.

The chicks are growing!!!  They’ve been outside almost everyday this past week and are foraging enthusiasts!  It’s fun to watch them.  Their favorite game is playing keep away with small dead leaves each time we go outside.  It’s hysterical!  They actually chase each other and try and take it away from the other.