It’s always nice to have family come for a visit.  We’ve been traveling so much lately that we haven’t had guests in quite some time.  Grandma requested it be a laid back, relaxing visit (instead of running around sight seeing).  It was just what all of us needed!  We played cards, roasted food over a bonfire, and sat back and talked.  Nice and peaceful!

Here are some highlights from our visit:

Maybe they are my boys afterall.  Les says he never had any interest in hunting for cicada skins.  I remember doing that when I was a kid.

Bonfire night!

Grandma brought hot dogs for a cook out and grandpa sharpened the tips of some branches for roasting.  The kids loved it!

The bonfire is pretty hot so Niki found a way to shield herself a little bit…

The bonfire was so hot that we quickly took the beans off the Swedish candle (Les wanted to show his parents this trick) and used it for roasting instead.  It worked great!

Grandma & grandpa relaxing by the bonfire.

We celebrated Niki’s birthday while grandma & grandpa were here.

Hanging out with the ever growing chickens

Grandpa relaxing out on the swing