For many years now, I’ve started our school year on September 1st.  This year, we started yesterday because my boys were literally begging for school to start.  Botany is a big part of our science lessons this year and the boys know it.  The boys are itching to identify all the plants and trees in our backyard.  I think it’s for the best because they’ve watched probably one too many Man vs. Wild shows and have begun to taste some of the nuts in our backyard as I’ve found out after the fact.  My father-in-law pointed out some nightshade (poisonous) on our side yard while they were visiting.  It’s pretty critical the boys learn that not all plants are edible.

Handwriting practice: He’s using a wet cotton swab to trace over the letters I wrote on the chalkboard

Computer Work, Following Directions, Handwriting, Scissor Skills, & Financial Responsibily Lesson: The second my boys get any money, at all, they want to spend it.  I’ve got to teach them how to hold onto their money and not blow it at the first opportunity.  I bought 3 shadow boxes for half off at Hobby Lobby and asked Les to drill a hole in the top of each one.  I pulled each boy off to the side individually and asked them what they would like to save up for.  All three wanted a trip to Toys R Us.  We printed out a picture of a toy store and then they had to cut it out, paste it to the paper and write what they are saving up for.  Then they put all the money they had in their rooms into their box.  One of my boys is particularly visual and I think this is a great way for him to see his money accumulating with a visual reminder of why he’s not spending his money yet.  Hopefully this is a beneficial lesson.  Next on the list is making a container to save money to give to church or the needy.