Even I thought the idea of caring for chickens seemed a little far fetched for me a year ago.  (The idea of it has been intriguing for awhile though!)  Face it – we don’t live on a farm even though we don’t live in the city either.  Those that think we’ve lost it far out number those who think keeping chickens is awesome.  In our defense, two of my boys are having issues with soy.  Do you know how much soy free eggs cost? (soy is in the chicken feed)  $6.00 a dozen!!!

Les and I jumped all in with the chickens.  I have zero experience raising chickens.  Les’ experience was short lived after their horses stomped them.  I have to say, 4 weeks into this – it’s not as bad as some people made it out to be.

The chickens have GROWN and after dinner tonight, we decided it was time to have our naming ceremony.

Introducing our chickens (with names!):

Les’ chickens:  Pratt & Whitney

(Named after a jet engine.  Are we really surprised?  No, we are not.)

My chickens:  Owl (above) & Olive (below)

Owl has been acting like the dominant chick for the past couple of weeks.  We’ll see if she stays on top.

Niki’s chickens:  Sunny (above) & Attila the Hen (below)

Zach’s chickens:  Road Runner (above) & Speedy (below)

These two run away from you when you try to catch them.  They are seriously fast!  They’d rather fly into their bucket or run into their coop than having you catch them.

Chris’ chickens:  3 (above) & 2 (below)

3 was named 3 within a day of getting her because she had a black mark on the top of her head that looked like the number 3.  Chris named the other one 2 because he thought it was funny.

Justin’s chickens:  Blueberry (above) & Honey (below)

Zach N.’s chickens:  Gordon (above) & Artemis Fowl (below)