Here are two cute conversations from tonight:

#1 –

I had made baked autumn pears for the kids for a treat.  It’s so simple it’s ridiculous but they are sooo yummy.  Justin came in from the back deck with his empty plate as I was putting away leftovers from dinner.

He asks me (referring to the baked pears), “What’s your secret?”

I chuckle and tell him, “I can’t tell you until you’re older.”

Justin, “How much older?”

I contemplated for half a second and told him, “When you can read.”

He went and got ready for bed and when Niki went upstairs to get something (I was doing a project with Zach), she came back down and told me he was sitting in his bed reading with great concentration on a book trying to sound out the words.  Seriously?!  That’s all it took?  Telling him I’d tell him my recipes?!  Geesh.  I’ll make him my little sous chef if he will read a book.


#2 –

While Niki went upstairs to get whatever she went to go get, she saw Chris was in a ready to pounce posture on his bed.  (This is a normal Chris pose as he’s about to leap to something.)  This is where I think she was brilliant and wished I had thought of this years ago.

She told him, “I want to see you get comfy in your bed.”

He gave her a puzzled look then he laid down on his bed.

She continued, “No…get reaaaally comfy.”

He adjusts and snuggles into his pillow and blanket.

She continued again, “That’s close but you have to get sooooo comfy you don’t want to move.”

He adjusts again and she walks off.

She walks back past his room before coming downstairs and Chris calls out to her, “You’re right.  I don’t want to move I’m so comfy.”

And then he fell asleep.  Pure genius.


Since you did your reading today by reading this post, I will share my secret with you.  😉

I had six pears that were pretty ripe and were going to become chicken food if I didn’t do something with them today.  I had seen a photo on Pinterest for baked apples.  Okie dokie – baked pears it will be.  So this is my version of that picture.  (I never actually clicked on the photo to see the recipe though –  just made my own based on what I thought should be in it.)  Sorry, I measured nothing.  I can give you ingredients though.

Baked Autumn Pears:

  • Pears cut in half and spoon out a little bit of the inside  (One scoop to get the seeds out.  One scoop for the chef to eat.)
  • Gluten free oatmeal  (You can use regular.  Ours is “ensured” there’s no cross contamination with wheat or other gluten.)
  • Brown sugar
  • Pumpkin spice  (from yesterday)
  • Tilt of whiskey  (or vanilla)
  • water
  • ghee (You can use butter.  Ghee is clarified butter and does not have lactose but all the taste of butter.)

Place the scooped out pears in a pan.  In a bowl, mix the oatmeal, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, whiskey, and enough water to wet the oatmeal.   Then spoon equal amounts of the mixture into each pear.  Top with a spoonful of ghee or pat of butter.  Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes.

I’m trying to stay away from sugar in general so I just requested the boys each share a small bite with mommy.  Seriously yummy stuff.