We’ve had a generous donation to the chicken coop from someone at Les’ work.  They bought us a fancy webcam so we could share with all of you the comings and goings of our coop.  Les has it all set up and we’ve been peeking in on them periodically this week to see how it is working.  Last night, two of them decided to roost in the rafters of the coop and Les took them down because we were afraid they’d get tangled in lighting when they came down.  They were not too happy with Les.  We listened to all the chickens complain for a good 10 minutes on the chickcam after Les came inside.

This past week, I’ve been working with the boys on a project for all of you.  We’ve researched and identified all the breeds we have in our flock.  We practiced being quiet scientists and observed the chickens while they played, foraged, and as some came to check us out.  (Owl full on charged me like a bull.  She’s supposed to be MY chicken!  What’s up with that?!  I’ll have to admit right now that Whitney has become my favorite.  She greets me at the fence and all the other birds follow her.  She talks to me and tells me all about the gossip of the coop.  She even lets me pick her up.  She’s a sweetie.  The others are still pretty skiddish about being held.)  The boys were also introduced to Photoshop as we made the graphics below for all of you.  Enjoy!