Drawing using descriptive narrative:

When we listen to a story, we draw pictures in our mind about the characters and locations.  In the first chapter, Tolkien gives detailed descriptions about the characters and Bilbo’s home.

  1. Paragraphs 1-2:  Draw a map of the inside of Bilbo’s home.  Provide a blank, white sheet of paper and crayons, markers, or colored pencils.  First, read paragraphs one and two and ask them to just listen.  Secondly, either read the paragraphs a second time and allow the kids to draw as you read or ask the kids to list out the characteristics of a hobbit’s home on a chalkboard.  Finally, have each child draw their version of what they think Bilbo’s home looks like based on the description Tolkien provides us.
  2. Paragraph 4:  After listening to paragraph 4, draw a picture of a hobbit.
  3. Paragraph 7:  After listening to paragraph 7, draw a picture of Gandalf.

He was still finishing his tea from our tea at Bilbo’s home.  He used the cup to draw the door of his hobbit house.

Tea at Bilbo’s Home

The boys helped me make seed cake for our tea party at Bilbo’s.  (Lots of math!)  I only made seed cake and tea this time around but I did quite a bit more last year with my class.  The seed cake is my kids’ absolute favorite out of this menu!

Here are the drinks and food requested at Bilbo’s the night the dwarves and Gandalf came over:

Drinks served:  ale, porter, red wine, tea, coffee

Food served:  seed cakes, buttered scones, raspberry jam & apple tarts, minced pies & cheese, pork pie & salad, eggs, cold chicken & pickles, and biscuits

British seed cake is essentially pound cake with caraway seeds – tasty!!!

Bilbo’s Family Tree

Draw Bilbo’s family tree.  Extension activity: Draw your own family tree.  I diagramed both family trees on our small chalkboard with the boys.

Bilbo’s mom:  Belladonna Took

Bilbo’s dad:  Bungo Baggins


Sing Along with Tolkien

The enhanced iPad version of The Hobbit has Tolkien, himself, singing and reading aloud to some of the dwarves songs.  We recorded our whole family singing ‘Chip the glasses and crack the plates!’.  Listen here: Chip the Glasses

Character Cards

Last year with my homeschool class, we did character cards.  I gave each of them an index card for each character in the book.  As the characters were introduced in the story, we created a character card for them.  It included a picture (from the 1970’s “The Hobbit” cartoon movie) and details about each character.  I’m not doing it this year because Zach has already done it.  Justin is not ready for it.  So only Chris would really benefit from it but I don’t know that he would have the patience to complete this particular project.  So…I’m skipping it this time around.  We’re talking about the characters instead.

I got the pictures from this website.