Write a Letter

Thorin and Company left a letter for Bilbo on his mantlepiece telling him to meet them at the inn at precisely 11am.

The boys have never written a letter before tonight.  They have written notes and stories but never an actual letter.  So this evening after dinner, we each snuggled up with a blanket and listened to chapter 2.  Afterwards, each of the boys wrote a letter.  They chose three people to send their letter in the mail.

Thorin’s letter to Bilbo drawn by J.R.R. Tolkien is on page 35 of “The Art of the Hobbit”.  In this book, it tells us that the dwarves used the Elvish alphabet for the letter to Bilbo and dwarves saved writing in runes for special occasions.

Format of a friendly letter: http://www.letterwritingguide.com/friendlyletterformat.htm

Vocabulary – How to Use a Dictionary

It occurred to me I have not formally taught my boys how to use an actual dictionary.  We’ve used the dictionary on the web several times but it does all the searching for you.  Tonight I showed them that all those alphabetizing activities were to prepare them to use a dictionary (as one example).  They took turns finding a word and writing the definition on a worksheet I created for them.

I purposely pulled out 6 words from this chapter so I wouldn’t risk any boredom and everything that follows from there on out.  We worked on our hobbit unit before bed tonight so I wanted to keep this first use of the dictionary short and sweet.  You can shorten or lengthen the list of words from the chapter to fit your needs.

1. roast  2. mutton   3. muttering  4. scabbard  5. hilt  6. larder