Ancient Runes:

We’ve come to one of the most anticipated parts of the unit – studying ancient runes.  Okay…at least it’s one of the most anticipated parts for me anyway.

Gandalf had given Thorin, the leader of the dwarves, a map leading to the treasure.  On the map are moon letters which are runes only visible with the light of the moon lit up behind them.

Here is the Keynote presentation I created for my kids about runes.  There is not any audio with it.  Click on the screen to move to the next slide.

Hobbit Unit Study: Lesson 4 Keynote Presentation on Runes


Making a Map to Find Treasure:

Each of the boys made a map of our yard after some discussion and instruction on map making.  They are each going to hide a treasure out in our yard tomorrow morning and then hand their map to dad.  Dad has to follow the path given on their map to lead him to a special treasure.

We worked together to come up with a Key to our maps.