My sister, her boyfriend, and her best friend came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  We had a lot of fun visiting with all of them and some intense games of Mille Bornes occurred in the evenings.  


My boys have been BEGGING to roast chestnuts over an open fire for at least a year now.  Every time they heard the song last year, they’d ask to roast chestnuts.  I was able to find some at the store and we roasted them this past weekend over the bonfire for the first time.

Thus, Les looked up how to roast chestnuts and got the bonfire going while I gathered the supplies.

Les scored the chestnuts before we roasted them per the directions he read.

The chestnuts after they’ve been roasted.  You peel off the outer shell and eat the inside.  The texture is very similar to a cooked potato and it tastes sweet and nutty.  We tried one a little on the raw side and it tasted exactly like corn.


TWO OF OUR CHICKENS LAID THEIR FIRST EGGS!!!  I think it was Pratt and Whitney.  I’m running under the assumption that it’s the same breed of chickens laying together and we only have one pair of the same breed.  We got a total of 4 eggs this weekend.  Exciting!

They are laying the eggs sometime in the late morning or afternoon.  I checked this morning when I let them out…nothing.  I checked at 5pm – two.  I think we’re going to keep an eye on the chick cam tomorrow and see if we can figure out which two birds are laying the eggs.