I fully admit that our chickens are 100% pets vs. farm animals.  That being said, as we’re still waking up this morning, we sent Zach out to open the chicken coop and let the chickens out.  We were jolted awake when he came running into our room crying and repeating over and over again, “One of the chickens died!”  

We have no idea the cause.  All of them look healthy, even the one that died looked healthy yesterday.  She wasn’t laying eggs yet.  They have more than the recommended minimum amount of space in their coop.  Clean and healthy food and water.  It was in the 50’s last night.  It’s a mystery to us especially since this is the first time we’ve ever dealt with something like this.  I’m really hoping that it was something isolated to this one bird and not something that will go through most or all of our flock.  Les and I are reading up on chicken diseases on the Internet right now.

The kids are taking it rough.  It was either Olive or Attila that died.  I’m telling the kids it was Olive since she was my chicken and that means they didn’t loose any of theirs.  That’s how I work.  The boys have been drawing many pictures this morning of Olive.  Chris drew her with all the eggs she was suppose to lay.  Glum day today.  More research ahead of us as we try to learn from our first “farmer” loss.

I didn’t feel good at all last week, still don’t feel great today.  Pushing forward to play catch up and deal with the chickens today.