In the aftermath of this morning, Niki purposely stopped on the way home from class at Starbucks and got her brothers a chai tea.  (They LOVE them.)  She asked the barista to put “Zach” on the cup and they gave her a raised eyebrow.  She explained it was for her brothers to share.  

“You’re a nice sister.  Is there a reason you’re getting this drink for them or just being nice?”

She hesitated and told them, “Well, it’s kind of a long story.  I’m trying to make them feel better.”

The five staff members all perked their ears since Niki was the only customer in there at the time.  Several responded, “We’re not busy in here.”

So Niki began to tell them about our morning.  How we had gotten chickens for the first time this summer.  How we’ve named them.  And finally that her brother found one of them dead on the ground of the coop this morning and all three of them were crying sitting next to her mom while she and her dad went outside to check it out.  She said almost all of the Starbucks employees were crying or on the verge of tears and told her, “This chai tea is being made with extra love today.”

The boys have already downed the drink but it was sweet of Niki to think of them especially when sibling rivalry seems to be the norm around here.  Things are normalizing in the house again.  We’ve been intitated into the life of a hobby farm today.