As a parent, I find things come out of my mouth that I never would have imagined myself saying.  Such as:

  • Get your pencil out of your eye.  (Niki said what really struck her about me saying this is how calmly and matter of factly I said it.)
  • Get your foot out of your book.  It’s not going to help you read it.
  • All sticks and branches over 12 inches long, have to stay outside.
  • You are not allowed to wake anyone before sunrise.
  • I just want the house to be “not-embarrassing” clean.  (Which my kids and husband will tell you is completely out of my norm)

Then there are the things that come out of my children’s mouths.  Such as:

  • After excitedly telling the kids that we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time yesterday, one of the boys said, “Well…at least it’s not dead.”  So matter of fact and sincere.
  • So, we’re supposed to have recess how many times a day?  (As he’s working on math and trying to form a contract for daily school breaks.)
  • They won’t be going in my room so I just need to make it look clean from the doorway.  (Nice try.)
  • Mom, I really like when you’re pregnant.  You make the yummiest comfort foods and my belly thanks you.