We’ve been having an issue with one of our boys…a recurring issue.  We have tried every consequence known to man and it has had zero effect on him.  We’ve tried several consequences multiple times just in case the need for repetition was in order.  No luck.

Yesterday, with what I have no doubt was inspiration from God because my inspiration has run dry, I decided to do a special project with this child.  I hung 12 picture frames in each boy’s room at the beginning of the school year via inspiration from a Pottery Barn catalog of all things.  I’ve only been able to do a project in one boy’s room thus far before “morning” sickness set in full strength….until yesterday.

I printed out the 10 Commandments and a set of questions for the end.  We read each commandment individually and talked about what they meant.  He then wrote a short explanation of each commandment under it and on some of the commandments he drew a picture to go with it.

At the end we talked about where to find the 10 Commandments in the Bible, who gave them to us, who was supposed to obey them, and why.  There were two commandments in particular this child is having a real problem following.  Then, when we were all done with the project, he told me, “I feel like crying.  I don’t understand why.”  Interesting.  This is my child who rarely ever expresses his emotions – especially verbally.  I asked him, “Why do you think you feel like crying?”  He told me, “Because I’m sad I’m not following God’s directions.”  I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing at that moment even if it was just a personal moment of success that maybe something got through to him.

We went up to his room and put each piece of paper inside a frame and he hung them on his wall.  I told him he could read them in the morning instead of getting into his usual trouble.

Our normal morning routine includes the boys getting dressed and cleaning their rooms while I take a shower and then we go downstairs for breakfast. For the time being, this child has lost several privileges.  One of them is leaving his room in the morning until I tell him he can come out – essentially after I take my shower – because he’s been waking up between 5 & 6 am and roaming the house and getting into trouble.  I came out of my room after my shower to be greeted by Niki.  She told me, “The boys were being super cute this morning.  ‘Child in trouble’ was quizzing himself on the 10 Commandments and then quizzing everyone else through his door.  He gave me a 99%, ‘Brother Q’ 100%, and ‘Brother V’ an F because he told him ‘I don’t know’ too many times.”

I can’t even tell you how much I hope this had even the littlest impact on him and things might be taking a change for the better.