She spends 10 minutes making a worksheet, attaching it to a clip board, and tucking pencils into her purse.

Then she has her kids read the instructions in the van on the way to the store.  Her kids giggle at the thought of having a wife and then snuggling with her on the couch.  Mom thinks she’s clever and hopes her future daughter-in-laws appreciate her efforts to train their future husbands.


photo100She walks around the store with her kids and helps them estimate and calculate as they hunt for the best deals for their favorite foods.  People stare trying to figure out if they are in awe at having school at the grocery store or appalled these children are not in a school classroom.  Mom chooses to ignore them and focus on her kids.

photo101Then she realizes she didn’t initially think about calculating price per pound for the fruit and veg but smiles to herself as she realizes another learning opportunity just arose.


Her daughter pleasantly surprises her and asks to tag along.  She walks her youngest brother around trying to stump him with identifying weird fruits and vegetables.

photo104Mom also gets excited because her kids are practicing patient waiting while the other person finds their items.


This is the item one of her son’s chose to share with his “wife”.


This is the item her other son chose to share with his “wife”.


Usually mom says no when asked by her children for extras.  This time, she couldn’t resist after their early morning, where a storm blew a branch onto the chicken coop (opening the coop door) and breaking the fence thus sending her kids outside to fix the fence, chase the chickens, and all the while getting soaked themselves.


photo110Mom even let them check out and pay by themselves as she watched and supervised.

The biggest smile of all emerges on her face because her children never even noticed that they read, did math, learned about nutrition, and were introduced to economics without a single tear or tantrum anywhere to be seen.  Amazing.  School can be fun and teach valuable life skills.  Who would have imagined that?  😉