I’ve been playing catch up all day on my to do list that seems to grow exponentially in relation to what I’m actually getting finished.  Les is cleaning off one of his computers as he preps to sell it.  He has done a great job of distracting me as he presses play to old family videos. He almost had me crying at one point.  Some of the videos are hard to watch because I miss my two youngest boys soooo very much.

Here’s my favorite Valentine’s Day present ever.  I had taken Niki out for some special alone time with mom since the boys demanded so much of my time during the day.  Les had made this video for me while we were gone and set it up so that it would automatically play on my (old) computer every time it booted up.  Somehow it didn’t get transferred to my laptop and I couldn’t find it since.  I’m sooooo happy to have it again!!!

Here are my six boys:

jenny valentine