1.  No, it’s not the same as attending a conference where you sit side by side a large group of people and chat with them in between sessions.  But…a webinar also doesn’t have the price tag of a live conference nor the obstacles of taking time off work, finding sitters for children or pets, or any of the other things you need to arrange for in order to go.  (For all the introverts out there – it even takes the pressure off of feeling like you NEED to socialize.)

A webinar is still a way to gather as a group even if you don’t actually see everyone’s face.  As a group, we can lower the price of a conference like this and invite speakers from across the U.S. to present on topics of interest since we do not have to pay for the speakers’ travel, hotel, or food.

2.  Many times, Orthodox webinars offer information and resources not located anywhere else.  Do you know of a book or video that offers tips, resources, and ideas on the following topics in Orthodoxy: learning how to incorporate special needs students in our church school programs, how to connect church and home, spiritual formation of 3-6 y.o., ideas for including ministry projects in your church school classrooms, how to use the Depart. of Religious Ed’s Zines, or actual lesson plans?  I don’t.

3.  You can attend this conference in your pajamas.  You can let your kids come in and out of the room and ask you questions without disturbing anyone.  You can make lunch while listening in the background.  You can fold laundry in front of your computer and follow along.  It doesn’t get much more convenient than this.  AND…if you have other commitments during the time of the webinar, you can download the archives and watch them later, at your convenience.

4.  Six speakers for $29.99!  (Ends Feb. 23)  There’s no way you could get a book on all of this for that price!

5.  We would enjoy you attending with us!  And, to show you how excited we are to have you at the webinar, there will also be some prizes given away in between speakers.

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If you’d like to attend Illumination Learning’s upcoming webinar on March 9th, make sure you register today before the early bird discount ends!  For more information, visit www.orthodoxconference.com 

Registration will continue until March 8, 2013.