* This post is dedicated to all you crazy people out there who think I’m some sort of super woman.  Not so much.  😉  I firmly believe in sharing not only the inspiring moments in my life on my blog but also the not so perfect.  It’s real.  It has bumps.  I’m not perfect, just like everyone else’s life.  But…I do try really hard to give everyday of my life 100%.

The webinar is over.  Exhale.  It’s one of those things where I really enjoy sharing the opportunity with others to learn more about our faith – but my goodness it takes a lot of work.  I’ve been working on my presentation for the past couple of months, on and off.  This is only the second time I’ve braved organizing the webinar AND presenting.  (The webinar itself takes 2 months to put together by myself.)  Both times it’s because I felt compelled to share something I’m passionate about.  I shared a 43 page unit I did with Zach on “Special Agents of Christ” by Annalisa Boyd (my Internet best bud whom I’ve never met but she adopted three boys from foster care and is Orthodox – enough said), some bulletin boards I’ve made, and a portfolio I did with my sister for our church school class last year.




One of the bulletin boards I showed during my presentation yesterday.  We did a study on saints and where they lived.

All my good intentions aside…I ended up finishing my presentation literally 30 minutes before the webinar.  The week before was just CRAZY.  Speaker practices, advertising, monitoring sales, emails…emails…and more emails, homeschooling, making meals, etc.  I tried squeezing in time to finish my presentation but as always I leave myself for last.  I tried pulling an all nighter Friday night to finish it.  When I realized I was staring at the screen for a good 20 minutes at 4:45am, I decided pregnant me was not going to make it.  I crawled in bed, set my alarm for full blast and asked God to please not let me oversleep.  2 hours later, I was up and working on my presentation again…in between more emails and questions.  I’m definitely a procrastinator with writing but that was even pushing it for me.  I read through the completed version twice before we had to click “Start Broadcast”.  I was number three in the speaker line-up.  My intent was to go into the other room and practice while the first two were presenting even though I wanted to listen to them.  That didn’t happen.  I ended up listening to the first one since she was talking on special needs then our second speaker didn’t show up and I had to go instead.  Thankfully he showed up while I was talking and apologized – he had a family emergency with his parents.  Overall, it went really well.  For those who filled out the survey they gave the webinar only 4’s and 5’s (on a scale of 1 to 5 – and 5 being the best).  So all is good.  Even better – we covered costs and it looks like I might have made enough to pay for my web hosting fees for Illumination Learning!!  Woohoo!

Niki and Zach N. took the boys to a movie during the webinar so it would be quiet in the house.  We should have sent our dog too.  It wasn’t that she was bad it was just that she wanted to walk around the kitchen clicking her nails on the wood floor so I had to keep bribing her with cheese to go lay down every time Les got on the mic for the speaker transitions.  As soon as she figured out walking = getting cheese, she was relentless.

I’ve completely let all my chores go this week.  The kids kept up on theirs but mommy didn’t.  When Niki asked if Zach N. could come by the house after the movie, I told her only if he promised to block all memory of how messy the house was.  It wasn’t too bad but dishes were on the counter and in the sink, there was a pile of clothes outside the laundry room, and it looked like a tornado hit around my desk with all the stuff I was doing for the webinar.

I was sooooooo tired last night.  I crawled in bed yesterday afternoon and couldn’t fall asleep.  Gabriel kept kicking me as if to say – Yay!  Mom’s done!  I just laid there enjoying his little nudges.  After dinner, I had more webinar work – answering emails and sending out instructions for accessing archives.  I still have to tie up some loose ends but that will wait for tomorrow.  Today is rest day.

It took everything I had to get out of bed this morning and take the kids to church.  I could have slept all day long.  It most definitely didn’t help that we lost an hour on top of it last night.  After church, I was fading fast and crawled in bed and slept for 4 hours.  Niki was so sweet and made duct tape creations with her brothers.  I was greeted with them the moment they heard my steps coming downstairs.  I’m so thankful for that nap!

And tomorrow…starts another day…and I already have new projects in mind.  🙂