How do you get your teenager to CLEAN her room instead of  just straightening it for grandma coming for a visit?  (Especially since grandma is going to stay in her room)  You hide 6 of her favorite chocolates in various spots of her messiness.  Then you take $20 that you know she’s going to ask you for gas tomorrow and hide it under the fitted sheet on her bed.  Finally, you tell her there are six chocolates & $20 in gas money hidden in her room so she can get to the first day of her new job (as a hostess at a restaurant).  If she cleans it, really cleans it, then she’s guaranteed to find it all.  And…you might also off handedly remind her that if she finds the money sooner rather than later and decides to not continue cleaning her room…that you hope the ants in the living room don’t find the chocolate in her bedroom before she does.  Then revel in her cringe as she realizes you have her in the palm of your hands.  Oh yes…today I feel like I had a mommy victory moment.