Justin and I finished up his garden wall unit last week.  The unit itself is not complete but we’ve filled in all of his picture frames in his room now.  He’s LOVING this unit!

I let him pick a bean from my pile of seeds to plant in a clear plastic cup.  He has told everyone in the family at least three times now that he can’t wait to see the roots growing because we planted it in a clear container.  hahahaha


I had him take Lily for a walk in our yard yesterday on a leash (pre-chickens we let her roam free – now we put her on a leash to protect the chickens) and found that he had added something to his bean sprout in the kitchen after coming back inside.


I had spread egg shells over my garden beds and he picked one up and added it to his bean sprout because I had explained to him a couple of weeks ago that they fertilize the garden.  He’s taking his tiny garden very seriously.  He is antsy with anticipation for spring when he can help me plant the garden beds!

You can see the previous four frames up close in the first post on Justin’s Garden.   Here is a pdf of the worksheets I created for Justin’s project:  Garden Project



He used stickers from a garden themed set I had gotten at the store