These past several months have been a huge learning curve for us with having chickens for the first time.  We’ve done a lot of research on them but there’s something about learning through the natural rhythm of the year that seems to be more invaluable than the words in a book.

For months now, we’ve bought the store feed and mixed in extra ingredients per a blog post I read awhile back.  About two weeks ago, Les was unable to mix the feed for me and I am not lifting those heavy bags right now so the chickens have been eating just straight feed for the time being.  They are not happy.  They MUCH prefer our mixed feed over the straight store feed.  In addition, our egg production has gone significantly down as well.  Where we were once getting 11-12 eggs a day, we’re suddenly only getting 6-7 eggs a day.  It doesn’t have anything to do with weather or daylight hours since we have had their coop artificially lit since they’ve moved in there and the weather has not changed recently.  The only thing that has changed is what we’re feeding them.

So, we’ve come to the conclusion that the stuff we’re adding to their feed is aiding in their winter egg production.  Les mixed their feed again tonight and it will be interesting to see if their egg production goes up over the next several days or not.

Store feed + oats + flax seeds + sunflower seeds + garlic + meal worms = happy chickens