It’s a pretty well known fact that by the standard definition of romantic, my husband did not inherit the gene.  BUT…what he doesn’t fully realize is that he has far exceeded my definition of romantic in the subtle but profound ways he cares for me.  He will bend over backwards to make sure I’m comfortable and all of my needs are met.  He will make my dreaded phone calls for me and scrub the pots I avoid and leave for last on the occasion he does the dishes.  That’s love in my book.

And…every once in awhile a romantic gesture does peek through.  For instance, a couple of weeks ago he left me a short but sweet note above my pillow before he took off for work.  I found it as I was getting ready for bed that night.


Then there are days like Wednesday where he stayed home with the boys and did school work with them while I got to run errands by myself!!!!  It is seriously the rare occasion that I go shopping without any kids in tow.  It’s not the I necessarily mind taking the kids with me but there is definitely a difference when I go by myself versus when I take them.  For instance, I could go look at nursing bras without having to answer questions about it on the level of a 7-10 year old boy.  There are perks to going shopping by myself sometimes.

Then there are days like today.  I told Les this morning that I was either going to need to pay for the boys to get their haircut or he was going to need to do it for me.  There’s just no way I can do it again until after Gabriel is born.  It’s beyond my standing capability without tights and I have zero desire to pluck tiny hairs out of  the tights for an hour after cutting their hair.  Les hesitantly agreed to cut the boys’ hair.  It had nothing to do with cost.  If I had told him, “I can’t cut the boys’ hair so I went and had it done.”  He would have said, “Okay” and that would have been the end of the conversation.  He cut their hair because he knew it would be a help to me.  It was one less errand I’d have to run and one less thing I had to worry about.  This is my new definition of romantic.

I promised to stay in the room and guide him through cutting the boys’ hair (and prevent him from purposely shaving them bald so he didn’t have to worry about mistakes).  You chuckle, this was an actual conversation between the two of us.

So…since I’m going to sit and watch, I might as well take pictures!  🙂  Remember, for some of the photos, it’s all about the perspective of the camera.  None of the children were harmed in the cutting of their hair.






Post haircut snack – blueberry muffin and pear





A thank you to the barber!


The boys still have some sensory issues.  Usually Justin is the one who has trouble with haircuts but I guess today was Chris’ turn instead.





Haircuts all turned out successful and now my Super Husband is off saving our daughter from a flat tire. I love this man!!!