I received an unexpected set of generous gifts from one of my aunts the other day.  She got me a reclining glider rocker and footstool that I had been drooling over, a baby gate for the top of our stairs, and a new Pack and Play.  My mom had called me to tell me that my aunt was at Babies R Us and was getting me four things and shipping it to me.  I was expecting socks, onesies…something along those lines.  I was completely blown away when I found out what she had sent us!!  She told my mom she just had to go with her heart and that I deserved the gifts.  Um….I feel sooo undeserving of this generousity but very much appreciated!!

Les put together my rocker, footstool, and Gabriel’s bed yesterday.  Everybody got a bit giddy seeing Gabriel’s bed set up in our room.  July seems sooo far away!


I’m ready for Gabriel!

Les was cleaning up all the mess from putting stuff together and then…the boys’ dream came true!  Dad brought the box into Zach’s room for them to play with it!  Let’s just say they were a beyond giddy with excitement.  I think one birthday or Christmas I really am just going to give a bunch of boxes to my kids instead of toys.

DSC_0659 DSC_0661 DSC_0664