It’s been a long time since I’ve shared antics that go on in this house.  Not because they’ve stopped – but because I try to refrain.  When I share, people tend to not understand.  When you’re neglected as a baby, it has effects on you – such has not learning cause n’ effect thinking, etc.  Since I’m moving to Australia today (see link for Australia at left if you do not immediately get the reference) – I thought I should let all of you know why.  I might send a forwarding address in the future.  Maybe.

It’s starts off with a grumpy child because he went to bed later than normal since we went to church last night.  This child never, and I mean never, sleeps in.  I calmly asked this child to stop whining and he threw himself to the ground in a full blown tantrum. Okie dokie.  He’s overly tired.  I sent this child to his room and told him to take a nap so he wouldn’t be so grumpy.  I came back an hour later to find he didn’t even bother laying down (not that I thought he’d actually take a nap but I was hoping he would at least have some quiet time and calm down).  But instead…he decided to paint himself, his mattress, and his carpet with a raw egg.

I don’t have any toddlers.  I was not happy.

I left the room and called Les.  Les was not available.  I called my mom.  Talked to her for a bit to calm down so I could deal with the situation calmly and to the best of my ability.  I then supervised as he scrubbed.

Where did he get the egg?  That’s another story from a previous day for a different ongoing situation.

Made lunch.  Did dishes.  Since this is Holy Week for us, we take this week off from school and I just focus on getting us to church every night instead.  (We have always done this in place of Spring Break.)  Last week, I spent a lot of time catching up on laundry (pregnant mama here!  Not in her prime of keeping up on every thing!) and had a mountain (and I mean a mountain!) of clothes on my folding table to fold.  (Remember – there are 6 of us.)  I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to do any laundry this week except for Lily’s blankets since we’d be living at church for the most part.

I mentioned previously that our dog is old.  Nursing home old.  I have no idea how much longer she’s going to last – to the point Les and I often walk into the room and stop to see if she’s still breathing or not.  Most everything on her body has started to go – except her mind which is still 100% there.  One of the things we’re dealing with is her leaky bladder.  It’s not super bad but bad enough we don’t let her go into any carpeted portion of the house anymore.  I have three blankets I leave out for her to lay on and I wash them everyday.  (Hence the laundry is an extra big chore right now.)

I had a couple of bags of clothes in our folding room to give away.  Someone left the folding room door open yesterday and Lily went in there (carpeted room) and got the clothes out of the bags, fluffed them, and went to sleep on them.  Okay…whatever.  I was so tired yesterday that I left them to deal with today.

Went into the folding room a short while ago to wash the clothes on the floor, shampoo the carpet, and then fold clothes on the table.  Only to find the clothes on the floor were no longer on the floor but not in the torn bags either.  I hunted around for them and didn’t find them.  Okay…

Then it occurred to me that a different child went downstairs this morning to get a pair of pants off the table to wear.  I then found the clothes from the floor.  Mixed. into. the. mountain. of. clean. clothes. on. the. table.  So between the dog hair, the probable Lily pee on the clothes, and the re-emergence of carpet beetles in that room – I  have to wash that entire pile again!!!!  (We got carpet beetles two years ago from the factory when we put in new carpet.  They feed off of animal hair.  I thought I got rid of them all over a year ago but I saw two in that room and have to be super diligent to keep the carpet in there clean.)

I’m beyond frustrated.

If that really wasn’t enough.  Someone gave Lily food that did not agree with her tummy and I had to wash throw up off the floor as I was bringing clothes to the washer to re-wash.

Days like this would not normally wipe me as bad as it has today.  But this is on top of the other day with one of my children thinking it was appropriate to climb out his bedroom window onto the roof of our deck while I was in the shower to watch the mommy robin sit on her nest of eggs instead of watching her through the safety of the window in the office.  Which was on top of a few other things as well.

So….Australia is looking pretty good right about now.  Just sayin’

P.S. – the pile of laundry in the photo is only part of the laundry I’m re-washing.  I had already put a load of it in the washer and filled the laundry basket outside the laundry room door.  Yeah….it’s Mt. Doom, the Laundry Pile!

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