Les came home from work today with a gift from two of his first officers.  They made Gabriel bibs and they are absolutely adorable!  Two of his first officers are boyfriend/girlfriend. I’m sure the girlfriend probably came up with the idea but her boyfriend helped her.  Sooooo stinkin’ cute!




For the record, I was informed that the bib is laid out like the actual runway at Les’ airport.  I got the concept of the bib immediately – it’s so when we play “airplane” to get Gabriel to eat his food, we can line up the spoon with the runway and make a landing in his mouth.  I thought it was hysterical and awesome!!!  However, Les had to explain to me the lights on the left side of the bib – I knew enough to know what the yellow dots south of the runway were and that the letters on the right were an airport identifier code.  I think after the very first time Les took me flying while we were dating, I decided to pay attention so I wouldn’t be terrified the next time we didn’t land on the paved runway to the left of the plane and landed on the grass runway instead.  (My headset was out and he neglected to tell me planes could land on grass strips.  I’ve come a LONG WAY since then with my airplane knowledge.  I’ve even impressed Les with how much I’ve paid attention and learned on ocassion.)  Ahhhh yes, the wife of a pilot.

Les helped me with the details below:

  • Dots on the left: PAPI which means Precision Approach Path Indicator….aka tells you are on a 3 degree glide path
  • Yellow dots on bottom: ALSF-1 which means Approach Lights System Flashing Lights System 1…aka approach lights
  • Abbreviation on the right: KMQJ which means Indianapolis Regional Airport