Grandma and grandpa had some one on one time with Justin today while they took him to pick out plants to add to our garden.  He was beyond thrilled!  After he got back and had some lunch, he planted them along side some the seeds we already planted last week.  I’m looking forward to watching him tend the garden this season – he has loved everything to do with nature since the day we got him at 12 months!

DSC_0636He just got home from the store

DSC_0641Planting one of his blueberry bushes


 Blueberry bush


 Niki was taking off the plastic labels for him




My strawberry season has begun!  These were the strawberry plants the deer ate the tops off of last year. This is the BEST crop I’ve ever gotten!  I’m just hoping I’ll get at least some of it this year before sharing with the wildlife.