It’s been awhile since we’ve picked Les up from work.  It used to be a regular occurrence when we had just one car.  Niki and I would sit at the special airport viewing area and watch the planes land trying to guess which one was Les.  Then the boys came along and once in awhile I’d bring a snack in the van and we’d sit at the airport viewing area and try to pick out which airplane was the one Les was landing.  With Les’ new job, tonight was the very first time we’ve gotten to go to the airport and watch him land.

One of the owners was spending the night just north of our house (about a 45 minute drive from us) so we went to the local airport and picked up dad.  I’ve come a long way in my airplane knowledge since we first got married.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s still in the amateur phase because once Les and my father-in-law start talking airplanes – sometimes I can only pick up bits and pieces of the conversation as if it was another language.  But…for the most part I can follow along these days and I’ll ask for clarification when I don’t understand.

Les was not flying into a major airport tonight.  (When I say major, I mean an airport you and your family would go to get on a plane.)  Traffic was bad getting through downtown so I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it before Les parked the plane but thankfully we got there about 30 seconds beforehand.  I scanned all the planes as soon as I parked.  The kids started asking me, “Is that dad’s plane?”  I’d respond, “Nope, that’s a turbo prop.  Dad is flying a jet.”

Then a jet started taxing up the runway.  I told the kids that was daddy.  We hopped out of the van and I told them they could wave to dad.  All of them were hesitant.  “What if it’s not dad?”

“Well….I doubt many jets fly into this airport so I bet it is.  But…if it’s not, the pilots will just think you’re being friendly.”

Then Les waved to us from the cockpit and the kids’ excitement grew as they realized it was dad after all!

I had to hold the kids back from running straight up to the airplane.  I told them to let the owners get off first and then dad would let them climb into the airplane.  This owner was a musician with his entourage.  I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share names of owners so I won’t.  As soon as they got settled in their ride and were off, there was no holding the boys back any longer.

They got to help dad “put the airplane to bed” and then crawl into the cargo compartment to pull out Les’ luggage and the first officer’s luggage.  I’m sure the boys thought it was a huge treat to crawl in there and Les is probably happy he didn’t have to.  Awwww….perspective.  🙂


 Justin bringing the first officer her bag


Before leaving, Les’ first officer took a few family photos of us.  (She is the one who made the adorable bibs for me!)