You know you’re approaching your delivery date when your midwife appointments turn weekly.  I’m also going to weekly ultrasound appointments now…again because of my age. Whatever. I’ve stopped fighting it and accepted I’m old for having babies.  My inability to pop up off of the couch this time around like I could with Niki reinforces this.  (Along with other things)  Although, IF for any reason one more round occurs – I’m petitioning for a handicap sticker on my very first appointment since they’ve made it so very clear that I’m “old” just so I don’t have to waddle quickly through the pouring rain to another appointment like I did today.  Just sayin’.  (And no, we do not have any immediate plans for another baby after Gabriel but none of my pregnancies these past – almost – two years were planned.  My body has just decided after all this time that NOW it wants to conceive more children.)

Mr. Gabriel has quite the personality already.  I’m intrigued to see how much of it plays out the same after he’s born.  He’s most assuredly a night owl like his mama.  At about 11:30pm every night, he’s the most active although this child is ACTIVE throughout the day.  My weekly ultrasounds include a non-stress test.  The tech yesterday said, “He gets an A++ for movement.”  Yep, that’s my Gabriel.  There’s a certain defiance about him too.  He does not like anyone/anything touching my belly except for me nor does he like to have to “perform” for the doctors.  I’d say about 75% of the time when I rub my belly, he rubs his foot or hand exactly where I’m rubbing as if to say, “I love you too mom.”  If anyone else puts their hand on my belly, he will IMMEDIATELY stop kicking.  Niki thinks she’s felt him twice.  I’m not entirely sure if she has.  The boys have not felt him kick once yet.  Les has decided to be tricky.  He leaves his hand on my belly for long periods of time in hopes that Gabriel will forget he’s there – it works often enough.  Either that or he’s slowly warming up to daddy now after all these months.  One way you can guarantee to feel Gabriel kick is to attach something to my belly (i.e. non-stress tests) or press against my belly with a wand (i.e. ultrasounds and listening for heartbeat).  He will try and kick it off every. single. time.  Oh Mr. Gabriel.