We’re getting close!!!  After my appointment last week, I was informed that I’m dilated 1 cm so far with 4 weeks to go. Looks like little Gabriel is prepping to come a month beforehand just like Niki.  I’m okay with this because it will hopefully mean another short delivery.  PLEASE say a prayer that Les will not be on a trip when I go into labor.  It’s our absolute biggest fear.  There’s no way he’ll get back in time if he is because this delivery will probably be shorter than my first.  (I went from 5 to 10 in one hour with Niki.  My midwife told me I’m to go to the hospital earlier than she tells others because she doesn’t want Gabriel born in our van since second deliveries are usually faster than the first.)  I’ve told Gabriel he has to wait for a day daddy is home to be born.  Hopefully he listens.


I saw an idea on Pinterest that I decided to copy.  Someone had made treat bags for their little kids to have at the hospital when they went to go visit their baby sibling for the first time.  Although I know my kids have the ability to behave and not be noisy while at the hospital, I decided to make up a treat bag for them for two different reasons.

1) Each of them is a little anxious to learn their “new” role in the family after Gabriel arrives.  I wanted all of them to know we still love them immensely and they can have a special gift on the day he’s born.  The boys are dealing with why their birth mother could possibly give them up (in their eyes) and everything that goes along with it.  Niki has been my only biological child for almost 19 years.  Whereas she has lovingly shared me with 5 other boys, it’s still different to now have a biological sibling after all this time.  We’ve had talks about this and it’s not a huge deal but it’s an adjustment none the less.  For her treat bag, I added a special locket to her bag to remind her just how much she means to me.  But SHHHHHH…she hasn’t gotten it yet!  It’s safe on my blog because she only reads it when I ask her to read a specific post.



When she was little there was a pile of books by my bed that I’d read to her almost every night.  One of her favorites among the books was “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.  I can’t even tell you how many times I read that book to her.  It was a lot.  I even came up with my own little tune for “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be”.  When she graduated from high school, I told her I was buying a ladder and she knew exactly what that meant.  So, inside the locket, I engraved “Love you forever”.

2)  If Gabriel is born during the day, then Niki can bring the boys down to the hospital waiting room with their treat bags and wait to come see their little brother.  I think the bags will last 1-2 hours for the boys.  Hopefully.  Okay…maybe not Chris but it should last at least half an hour for him.  Hopefully.  If Gabriel is born at night, then Niki can give the boys the bags while they are at home before or after they come visit us at the hospital as a way to pass the time until we get home.  There’s coloring books, a new toy, special snacks and drink, gum, etc in the bag.

Les and I are both nesting at this point but in different ways.  Where I am prepping clothes, hospital bag, toiletries, etc – Les prepped where Gabriel will sleep, scrubbing out the van, wiping down the hand-me-down carseat, and buckling it into the van.  A couple of appointments ago, our midwife told us to practice putting the carseat in the car now because she couldn’t tell us how many times she’s watched new parents spend half an hour trying to figure out how to set up the carseat in the parking lot after they had been released from the hospital.  I told her that was not a problem for Les.  Lots of experience in that area.  At one point in the past, we had 5 carseats in our van!  I went outside when Les put the carseat in the van.  It literally took him less than 20 seconds with three clicks.  He just smiled at me and said, “That was hard.”  Hahahaha


Les has been using the teddy bear as Gabriel’s stand-in for the past couple of months  😉