This past week my feet have decided they don’t like the heat – such is 3rd trimester in the summer.  We’re spending more time than normal indoors this summer.  Well….as usual, I’m not going to let obstacles take me down.

I’m a firm believer that there are educational opportunities in everything and learning is a lifelong process.  Part of educating my kids is teaching them the basics of math, english, history, science, their faith, etc.  I feel I would be doing them a disservice if I simply stopped there.

In addition to the basics, it’s critically important to me to teach them life skills (how to cook, clean up after themselves, basic yard maintenance, basic car care, etc.), along with teaching them how to transfer the basics they learn on a worksheet to real life situations, and how to continue learning even when it’s not required for a grade.  I think it’s such a shame if you only put forth effort to learn about something because it’s a required assignment during “school time”.  Learning is everywhere and in everything!

I don’t have a specific schedule for the year.  When we visit family or family visits us, we take the day off.  When someone is sick, which is actually pretty rare – I take care of them and we don’t have school for the day.  Therefore, we tend to have school the rest of the time.  Then when September 1st rolls around, we reset – new math workbooks and new binders to store another year’s worth of work.

Therefore, I snag any opportunity throughout the day to teach them.  Today was a bit of a lazy day and different since I let them watch a marathon of “Gold Rush” on Netflix while I sat in the rocker with my feet up on the footstool.  As I’m watching the show with them, I realize how much learning was available from this show.  Secret school time and the best part is – my boys LOVE it!!!


We worked on addition, subtraction, and multiplication as the show told us how much gold each mine needed to find during the season and how much they had found so far.



We also located Alaska on the map along with each of the three mines on the show.  Every time one of the people on the show went back home for whatever reason to the lower 48 then we would locate their state on the map as well.




I would also pause the show any time the boys asked me a question or I wanted to make sure the boys understood a concept/word they were talking about on the show.  We talked about hydraulics, gold, permafrost, silt, bedrock, heart attack, and klondike.  Did I know the answers to all of these?  Nope.  The boys watched as I told them I needed to look it up and then explained it to them.

Such was our lazy but fun day.