This is by far the happiest garden I’ve ever had before.  It’s kinda crazy since it’s my least properly executed garden, most neglected, and it’s not even fully planted.  So much stuff has been done at a minimum these last several months with my depletion of energy and trying to “baby” this pregnancy.  I had grand plans for expanding my garden this season only to have it planted half of the way.  Such is life.

My plants are at record sizes this year though!!!!  I just got home from the store and was staring at the plants out front.  The only difference this year from years past is that we added chicken poo from our coop in March.  I was worried I was going to destroy my soil because I was supposed to let the poo age for over a year before adding it to the garden.  In reality, I let it sit for about 6 weeks before planting.  My plants are loving it!  My plants are overcrowded as it is, let alone if I had finished planting all the squares.




In one of my 4 x 4 beds, I have a single tomato plant.  (back left in the photo above)  The tomato plant is literally taking up that entire garden bed!  I’ve never had such a huge tomato plant before.


My zucchini are insanely huge too!  (above)  The most interesting part is that I’ve never been able to have zucchini that didn’t have powdery mildew on the leaves.  I don’t this year!!!  This is the healthiest garden I’ve ever had!  (Minus the cabbage because the cabbage worms ate it completely.)

Well….chicken poo = happy garden.