This is by far my most productive and healthiest garden! Ever.  We’ve been picking pea pods for a couple of weeks now and enjoying them in salads and casseroles.  Sunny (Niki’s chicken) snuck to the front yard many, many times and ate all but a single strawberry.  (Skip the following sentence Anna!)  We’ve all decided that she would be the tastiest chicken of the flock, if we ever decided to eat them since she forages far and wide.  We have an abundance of green tomatoes almost ready for picking.  Justin picked all the current cucumbers and squash in the garden a couple of days ago.  He helped me make sweet relish for daddy yesterday.  He was sooooo excited!


Climbing into the garden to pick cucumbers and squash



I pushed myself too hard yesterday trying to make relish and pickles.  I ended up only making the relish and stopping after that.  I spent the rest of the night having contractions and hoping they would go away – they did…eventually.  Niki is at camp right now and is desperately hoping she’ll be home before I go into labor thus today has been a super lazy day for me.  (It’s kinda nice having grandma around and I can take an afternoon nap when the mood strikes.)


Les is going to chop away at some of the zucchini plants today so we can reclaim our sidewalk.  The garden is literally taking over the front yard.  It’s crazy!!!