Our metropolitan (bishop) arrived at our parish this past Sunday for a surprise visit.  It’s rare for any of the bishops to show up at a parish unannounced or unplanned simply because of their busy schedules but, for whatever reason, our metropolitan was able to visit our parish and while he was there he left a lasting impression on my kids – especially my oldest son.

We (Gabriel and myself) have not had our 40 Day Blessing yet so I was not at church this past Sunday to hear or see Metropolitan Nicholas’ sermon.  Thankfully, we have a sweet parish administrator (who just so happens to be my daughter’s boyfriend’s dad) and he sent me a link to the video of our metropolitan’s sermon.

You can watch the sermon here:

You have to understand – my kids came home from church giddy with anticipation to tell me about what happened at church.  My boys struggle with self-esteem to the point of crippling them from putting forth effort into something new because they just don’t believe they are capable or able to do it.

Our metropolitan gave an unknown gift to Zach on Sunday.  He boosted his self-confidence by making him feel special as he stood in front of the entire parish.  Was it a big deal?  In the grand scheme of things…no.  But…for my son, it was!  When you feel worthless because your own birthmother doesn’t even want you, something as simple as being selected by the metropolitan to illustrate a point leaves an impact on you.  It helps to plant a seed in their mind – maybe I am someone special.  Maybe…I am worth being loved.

As we go through our day, remember that everything you say or do has an impact on the person next to you.  (Your spouse, child, co-worker, family, and friends)  Do you always tell everyone when they’ve really impacted your life – good or bad?  I know I don’t.  We impact others all the time with a look, a touch, or a simple word and don’t even realize it most of the time.