What can you get done in 10 minutes?  This is the challenge Gabriel gave me today.

Trust me…I could snuggle him all day long and be completely content.  More than content.  Bliss.  But…there are points during the day that I need to put him down.

I’ve talked in the past a little bit about the struggles we’ve been through regarding attachment with our other three boys here and here.  As much as I’ve researched early childhood attachment, I’m a little surprised by the fact that my little one has already developed an attachment to me where he prefers me over anyone else at only 5 weeks old.  He’s still pretty little for that and I wasn’t expecting it until a little later.  Les is not happy.  Well…he’s happy for Gabriel to be attaching but not happy for himself because it’s seriously cutting into his snuggle time with him.


I’ve gone out a few times with Gabriel.  We’ve gone to the grocery store a couple of times and we went on two “big” trips.  One to see my brother who was at a conference two hours away from us and one to the Disneyland of specialty food stores.  Both took us double the time to get home than they should of because little one does not like sitting in his carseat for that long.

Today I put him in his carseat whenever he was deep asleep so he could practice staying in there longer for future drives.  Right now, I can’t even make it home from the grocery store without my heart melting as Gabriel intensely cries for mama.


While he prefers to be snuggled into mama’s arms…



and even enjoys being tucked into his carrier…


even smugly let’s me know that putting him down is not an option…


I did accept his challenge to find out how much I could get done within the 10 minutes he would sleep in his carseat:

  • Clothes into the dryer
  • Clothes into the washer
  • Found a spreadsheet requested to be emailed
  • Responded to two emails
  • Filled my water bottle

and the next time:

  • Loaded dishwasher
  • Filled my water bottle again
  • Made lunch for the boys (sandwiches and fruit)

and then again:

  • Ordered Gabriel’s baptism invitations
  • Balanced “check book”


He challenged and I accepted.