Today is the feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos.  I was listening to our priest give the sermon today while I was up in the nursery with Gabriel.  He was talking about a miracle involving the Mother of God and some girls.  It brought me back to when my dad was in seminary.  I babysat the majority of the seminarians children.  

At one point, I was babysitting two little girls on a regular basis while their mom went to her doctor appointments when she was pregnant.  This mom had asked me to babysit her daughters when she went into labor as well.  Like everyone else, I was excited about the arrival of their newest child.  A few days after birth, the baby died from a heart problem.  It was crushing.  I remember going to the funeral for the infant and the priest was shared a story with everyone in the church from the baby’s parents after the funeral service.  The couple’s oldest daughter was about 4 and they were torn on how they were going to tell her that her sibling had died.  They composed themselves and went into her room where she was playing to tell her the news.  Before they could say a word, the daughter turned to them and said, “I know.”  The parents were confused and asked her, “You know what?”  She responded, “The Theotokos told me my baby sister is with God in heaven now.”  The parents were floored.  There was never an opportunity for their daughter to ever overhear a conversation to know her sibling had passed away and saw this conversation as a miracle and comforting.  The story left a lasting impression on me especially because of how close I had gotten to this family.


Several years ago, Les and I lived in perpetual waiting and unknowns.  There’s nothing like learning your patience threshold when you’re waiting on a complete stranger to let you know their decision that will forever change your life.

I felt as though the Theotokos was watching over our little family through all the waiting…and hoping.  After six stressful months of trying to get Justin reunited with his brothers, he moved in with us on August 15th which is the Dormition of the Mother of God.


Six years ago on September 8th (Nativity of the Theotokos), the paperwork was submitted to petition for us to adopt the Zach, Chris, and Justin.

We learned that the boys’ birthmother’s birthday is March 25th.  (Annunciation of the Theotokos)  After the boys were adopted, we learned that their birthfather’s birthday is December 27th which is the day the boys were baptized.  We didn’t find out until after they were baptized.

It was as if every step of the way the Mother of God was whispering to us – you can do this – just be patient and continue praying.