A friend of mine has been posting links to various aspects of her family’s daily life and I’m really enjoying it!  I thought I would do something similar since quite a few of you neither homeschool nor have ever fostered/adopted children and there is more to our family than just these two aspects.  The following are tidbits that make up the rhythm of our daily life:




In Our Kitchen:  Last week and over the weekend, the kids and I took turns with a nasty cold.  The two things I make when we’re sick are chicken soup and hot toddies.  This is my chicken soup recipe when I’m sick.  This is my chicken soup recipe when I’m not sick.  This is my recipe for a hot toddy.

For our homeschool get together last week, I made a fresh corn and black bean salad.  You can get the recipe here.




Reading:  I am currently reading aloud to the big boys The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis.  I think it is my favorite from the Narnia series.  I love the correlation of the creation of Narnia with Genesis.  I’m bummed they skipped this book when making the Narnia films because it gives so much background information to the series.




Soothing:  My mother-in-law got the big boys CD players for Christmas which they keep on their dressers.  Just before they crawl into bed at night, they push play to their CD players and listen to the songs or audio books I’ve left for them.  I burn CDs for the boys from songs or stories I have on my iTunes.  This has eliminated the mischief that often happens after they are supposedly in bed at night.  This last week I rotated the following CDs through their rooms:  1)  “The Hobbit Soundtrack” – “Misty Mountains” is our entire family’s favorite from the movie soundtrack  2)  “Celebrating the Feasts” by Kh. Gigi Shadid  3)  “Cycles of Grace” by Fr. Apostolos Hill

We’re hoping Gabriel grows out of his utter disdain for riding in his carseat but for now we’re trying to find music that will soothe him so we can at least make it home from the grocery store.  Poor baby.  He works himself up so much that he’s dripping with sweat from screaming by the time we get home.  After much experimenting, we’ve found a song that quiets Gabriel from full screaming to a gentle complaining – The troparion and kontakion of St. Herman sung by the Byzantine Chorus of the Sign of the Theotokos Orthodox Church from the CD “Byzantine Music in the New World: Orthodox Saints“.




In Our Yard:  We planted garlic this past week for harvesting in early summer.  You can see our garlic harvest from two years ago here.