In the kitchen:  We made Justin’s all time favorite meal – butternut squash soup.  He begs for it!  You can see the recipe my friend posted for Justin here.

We made my autumn wild apple jelly and Les’ crab apple sparkler punch from our crab apple tree in the yard using a fruit steamer Les got for Christmas.  After extensive research last year, this is the second year we’ve made something out of our apples.  A favorite fall tradition for us now.  Maybe next year we can make hard apple cider too.




I also made this Autumn Bratwurst with Apple and Cabbage which was posted on this friend’s blog.  If you like reuben sandwiches, this is the soup for you!  You could even easily make this a vegetarian/vegan soup by leaving out the sausage and making it an apple and cabbage soup.



Soothing:  I put a new CD into the boys’ bedtime CD rotation –  “Hymns of the Orthodox Church“.  It’s almost 30 minutes of hymns from the Liturgy in English and Greek.  It comes with sheet music and information about each of the hymns as well.  Love it!


Rejuvenating:  I found an idea on Pinterest for bringing new life back to our aging couch.  Over the years, we’ve had five boys who have jumped and climbed on the couch when they thought mama wasn’t looking.  It felt like the couch was trying to imprison you after you sat on it.  It was next to impossible for me to get up from it when I was pregnant.  With company coming over for the baptism party, I presented my idea to Les and he got the materials and made it happen.



Cleaning:  I’ve been extensively experimenting with ways to successfully get out baby poo that has leaked out of the diaper and onto the clothes.  I finally found it!!!  I poured a little bit of some Arm and Hammer Washing Soda into a bowl and added water.  Then washed the poo spot with a toothbrush and the washing soda.  I put it into the washer and used a Tide Pod on hot and the heavy dirt setting to wash it.  I took it out after I washed it, looked for the faded stain, and couldn’t find ANYTHING.  I searched and searched – nothing!


Papa Time!  There’s something about watching Les play with our kids that just warms my heart.