We’ve been using this timeline for close to two months now.  This is a record for us!  Nothing I’ve tried has lasted over two weeks without crumbling in dramatic failure.  I’ve tried sticker charts, reward systems, candy, time out, natural consequences, etc, etc, etc.  None of those have worked for us.  There seems to be this deep rooted need to have constant guidance with my big boys…more than most children need.

It still amazes me how much the boys love and thrive off of it.  Thus, I’ve been giving it an enormous amount of thought.  The timeline gives them security.  Yes, security.  Think about it.  Is there something that has scared you when you were younger that still has an effect on you today?  A bad experience on a plane ride?  Moving away from a friend?  Choking on a certain food?  Falling into the swimming pool and being pulled out by a parent?  The scenarios are limitless.  These things stay with you forever.

The timeline provides three things for my big boys:

1.  Today, I will get 3 meals

2.  Today, I will not be neglected

3.  Today, I will not be moved to a new family






These things stay with a person when it’s happened to them and they’re never quite sure if it will happen again…even after being fed sumptiously for years, spending time with people who care for your every need and most all of your wants, and have stayed with the same family for years.  The “what if” stays with you forever.  But…this timeline seems to let them take on one day at a time with confidence and peace.